On Raha community


I think community could be really important to the success of Raha. There are a lot of people out there who are excited by the idea of UBI. There are a lot of people out there who are excited by cryptocurrency. Currently, the UBI Crypto subreddit is dominated by Manna. We need lots of people to get excited about signing up for Raha. We also need lots of people to give us feedback on our idea. We also need lots of people to build apps and applications that use Raha. We also need lots of people to sell stuff and services for Raha. All of these, especially at the beginning, require people to take a risk and make an investment, whether it be in time, critical thought, or material wealth. People are more likely to do these things when they feel like a part of something bigger, when they feel part of a community. Reddit, crypto forums, UBI meetups, our own forums, and discord all feel like places where we could be active and build/be a part of a community around Raha. I think we should especially seek out forums at the beginning where we can be a part of the community instead of it’s leaders. This gives us more ability to present less polished ideas and get feedback and validation quickly. I really like the UBIC post on BitcoinTalk - it was literally just a forum thread, but it conveyed the core idea and got a lot of feedback for low cost. Sooner rather than later we should establish a present on the cryptoUBI subreddit and maybe eventually found our own subreddit. Also, we should start to build up a mailing list for people who find us organically. Also, I think we should think of a way to make it easier for people to join Raha without being directly tied to us. Perhaps we could host video interviews for people who are interested?