Unique Cocktail Recipes (5R) / Personal Bartender for House Party or Event (150 R)



I’ve been a professional bartender in Houston for 4 years and I’d like to lend my technical abilities to your next holiday party or impress your friends with awesome homemade cocktails.

Event Bartending
I will provide:

  • 3 Personal cocktails reflective of your theme or taste (And any classic cocktails your guests would like)
  • Bartending equipment
  • Juices/ Syrups/ Garnish
  • Big smiles

You will provide:

  • Liquor
  • Glassware (or solo cups, cuz no judgment)
  • Place for me to do my thing
  • Uber/Lyft fee

Just Recipes
We can discuss what your preferences and come up with 3 or more personal recipes that are easy to make at home but still creative and delicious! I will give specific instructions for each recipe and let you have fun being a rockstar :slight_smile:

I live by the Houston Galleria


Wow!! This is such a cool offering! <3 To everyone else, this woman is the real deal :slight_smile: A bit more about her: https://www.houstoniamag.com/articles/2018/2/6/sarah-ip-tongue-cut-sparrow